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About us

Parent Company

RMS LLC, Oman, has been established since 1979, and is currently the largest insurance brokerage house in Oman.  RMS is a 100% Omani owned company, incorporated under the laws of the Sultanate of Oman. The company’s shares are held by the Royal Oman Police Pensions Trusts, the Al Zawawi Family and Al Marjan Financial Services.


Some of RMS past and present clients in Oman include:


Saud Bahwan Group         

-   Toyota’s largest distributors the Middle East

Royal Court of Affairs

-   Manage Personal Properties of His Majesty


-   Global Oil Major

Oman Refinery Company


Oman Oil


MB Group             

-   Oil Exploration, drilling and other services

Carillion Alawi     

-   Multinational Construction Contractors

Douglas OHI        

-   International Construction Company

Oman Cables


Dalma Energy


British Gas International



-   International Construction Company


RMS – Pakistan (Risk Management Services (Pvt.) Ltd.)

In Pakistan RMS has been in the business of insurance broking since 2006. We operate in Pakistan as a licensed insurance broker. Licenses to Insurance Brokers in Pakistan are issued by the SECP and the business is also regulated by them.


In a very short time, RMS has been able to make its presence felt in the Pakistani market. Licensed to recommend all lines of Insurance to its clients, RMS acts on behalf of its clients. Our well known clients are:

  • Indus Motor Company
  • I 2 Pakistan
  • Exterrran
  • Barclays Bank
  • Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (Mobilink)
  • BSN Medical
  • Continental Biscuits Limited
  • Base Ten International
  • Ghani Builders and Developers
  • Thal Industries
  • Razzaque Steel Mills


Why should you appoint an insurance broker?

In developed countries, the insurance market is now broker driven. Client assigns the task of procuring their insurances to a broker. Unlike an insurance agent, an insurance broker works for his client, not for an insurance company. He understands his client’s business, the risk he faces and how these are best managed. He designs an appropriate insurance programme and “shops” for the best available coverages on behalf of his client. Insurance brokers are licensed to place business on behalf of their clients with any insurance company. Hence, the broker gets the best terms and conditions, for the client’s needs, and puts up a comparative study to the client. The client then directs the broker to place the business with the chosen company according to the clients preference. It is the broker’s job to advise the client, but the discretion lies with the client, with regards to where the placement is to be made.


What other benefits does my organization derive by appointing a broker?


Insurance is a highly technical subject. Over 90% of organizations working in Pakistan do not employ a professionally qualified insurance executive to handle the insurance function. The reasons for this are quite simple:

  • Companies today all over the world are focusing on cutting costs. An insurance professional would be an expensive resource.
  • There is a serious dearth of qualified insurance professionals available in the market. The alternative to hiring an insurance professional for companies is simply to let the CFO, the Head of Administration or the Head of Human Resource handle the insurance function. When this is done, a simple procurement is carried out. The person in charge typically takes quotes from one or two companies and renews the policy with no in depth cost/benefit analysis.


By appointing RMS as your insurance broker, you benefit by being able to get access to our qualified team of Underwriters, Claim Experts, Loss Adjusters and technically qualified staff.


We provide an end to end solution for all your insurance needs, right from the procurement of insurance to helping your company in realizing a justified claim, to handling the renewal process and negotiating better terms for your organization at the end of each insurance year.


The most important thing for your business today is to make certain that your assets are protected adequately and by the right kind of insurance provider. Therefore, the procurement of insurance stands out to be the most important task. At RMS we have the knowledge and the people who can provide you with the best advice.


Outsourcing your entire insurance function to RMS makes perfect sense. You get the best advice, secure our assistance at the time of a claim and release your resources to focus on your business.


What will my broker charge me in terms of brokerage fees?

When a broker helps the client by placing the insurance coverage with an insurer, the broker receives brokerage/commission from the insurer. The client does not pay anything to the broker. This means that you have the facility of using the services of RMS FREE OF ANY CHARGES AND COST.


Here is how it works

  • RMS meets the potential client, and explains how RMS services would be helpful in terms of reducing insurance spend, getting the best coverage at the most economical rates.
  • The Client gives RMS a letter of authority to act as its broker (called Broker of Record Letter – BORL) and shares its insurance policies with RMS, so that RMS is able to provide feedback.
  • RMS uses the letter to get quotes from different insurers.
  • RMS puts up a comparative study along with the best advice to the client.
  • Client and RMS meet to conclude where the insurances are to be placed.
  • Upon placement, the client chooses one of two options.
    • Pays insurance premiums to RMS. These premiums are passed on to the insurance companies by RMS.
    • Makes payments in the name of the insurer and hands the payment instrument to RMS. RMS then issues a covering letter and dispatches the cheque to the insurer.
  • Once the policies are issued RMS reviews them to ensure they are in order and keeps track of the coverages by maintaining files for the client
  • At the time of a claim, RMS provides assistance in reaching prompt and fair settlement.
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